Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sex Kitten w/ Passion

Today I'm sharing with you my look of the day. I used Bare Escentuals Passion (inner eye) and Sex Kitten (outter eye) as well as Cashmere (crease blending) and Queen Phyllis (eyebrow highlighter).
For my lips I used Bare Escentuals Merry which came in a minis set called Winter Escapades Buxom Babes.
Merry is a fairly opaque bronze with tons of iridescent micro-shimmer and copper glitter in it.
And the whole look altogether..



  1. Very Pretty! I'm a big Bare Escentuals fan. I met the creator Leslie Blodget back in October. Very cool lady.

    P.S. You have a wonderful blog!

  2. @kelliegonzo Me too! Merry is my favorite of the 4 glosses out of the set. I'm gonna review the others 3 on the blog too but I've worn Merry every day for the past week!

  3. @Katie Lucky girl! I wish I could meet her, I've been using BE face makeup for 3 or 4 years now and slowly but surely I've expanded to using almost everything they offer now. If you're a BE junkie I'm sure you'll enjoy my makeup reviews cause BE is almost all I wear haha. Thanks for the comment about the blog :)

  4. @Dori

    I've been using it for about the same amount of time too! Can't wait to see more of your posts. I don't own many of the shadows, so I'm sure you'll give me some lemmings. =)