Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Color Club Enchanted Holiday

Three posts in a day! I'm on a roll! Either that or I don't have a life.. one or the other. Anyways, we only have 11 days left until Christmas so I'm going to try to shove as much Christmas and holiday related stuff into this blog as I possibly can. Here is the mini collection that Color Club released this holiday season entitled Enchanted. The collection consists of Snowflakes, Magic Elf, Wish List Red, and Enchanted Holiday and also came with a sheet of cute little decals.
Snowflakes is a clear base chock-full of medium, small, and micro iridescent glitter. This polish was so thick and goopey I only needed one coat. If my nails weren't so stained, I'd like this as is but since the orangeyness of my nails underneath is a distraction from how gorgeous this polish is, I think I'd prefer this polish layered over something.. a shimmery light blue, purple, or white maybe :)
Magic Elf is a bright shimmery foil lime green with a very strong yellow-gold duochrome flash. This isn't your typical Christmas green which is kinda cool. I really like how foil-y this polish looks but it's pretty sheer and took three coats. I think this would look really pretty layered over a dark green or black.
Wish List Red is a bright Chrsitmasy- red jelly packed with medium sized red glitter. This was opaque in two coats but it does need two thick coats of top coat in order to be smooth otherwise it just looks bumpy, gritty, and doesn't sparkle to its full potential.
Enchanted Holiday is a clear base full of random shaped small and medium sized light gold glitter. I love the different sizes of glitter.. they give this polish a really nice feel. Again like ChG 5 Golden Rings, this gold feels really light and angelic to me.. so pretty for the holiday season. This was two coats and it came out fairly opaque, though 3 coats might have been better. Like Wish List Red, 2 coats of top coat would probably be better than 1 for a smooth finish.
Overall, I really like this set. I think Enchanted Holiday is my favorite followed by Snowflakes. Wish List Red is pretty but there's so many other similar reds out there like ChG Ruby Pumps. As for Magic Elf, it's pretty, just not my cup of tea. I bought this set from TransDesign.



  1. sometimes you just gotta let what's in your mind (and on your tips) come out huh! i love reading so keep the posts coming :)

    i really like the red and green in this set!

  2. wow, i love magic elf! it looks great on you :) I agree with Kellie, I too enjoy your posts...keep them coming!!

  3. @OH MY POLISH!Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy them :D

  4. @Jackie S.I love that it's so different from the greens brands normally release for the holidays