Thursday, December 2, 2010

Downtown Hottie

No, I'm not full of myself, callin myself a downtown hottie. I used Bare Escentuals Hottie (a shimmery golden sand liner shadow) as the inner color, BE Downtown (a golden shimmery taupe brown linder shadow) as the outer color, BE Cashmere (matte medium red brown clay shadow) as the crease color, and Queen Phyllis (shimmery light buttercup shadow) as the brow highlighter.
All of these shadows are sold individually.
For lips I used BE Muffin Top (a light pink shimmer gloss).
The one I have cam in a kit and is a long wand with this lip gloss on one side and Sticky Buns lipstick on the other side. I can't remember what the kit was called that this came in but it was available this summer along with two eye shadows: High-Shine Charisma and Popular as well as Glee Radiance blush (which I was also wearing.. shown below).
Sorry the pic is so dark. Glee Radiance is a rosy pink shimmer blush. It shimmers quite a bit in the pot and gives a slight glimmer when it's on, but it's not so obvious that it's looks cheap and teenager-ish. It has just the right amount of shimmer to give the skin a glow and I really love the rosy color of this. Here's the look altogether with the eyeshadows, lip gloss, and blush.
Overall, I really love all of all of these! I'm a huge BE fanatic and completely obsessed with the brand as a whole, so perhaps I'm a bit biast. Oh well! And also in case you're wondering, the eyeliner is Revlon ColorStay in Black and the mascara is Maybelline Falsies Waterproof in Black (my HG [Holy Grial] eyeliner and mascara).

Now I'm going to get back to watching The Santa Clause. Have a happy Thursday night!


  1. super gorgeous! what nationality are you? your eyes are so pretty!

  2. @kelliegonzo Hey I totally jsut saw this post! Sorry about such a late comment.. I'll do a shoutout to you in the next beauty post I do since I'm not sure if you'll get to read this. I'm Caucasian.. mostly Polish, German, British, Czech with some Swedish and Irish thrown in :) and Thank you!