Thursday, December 9, 2010

China Glaze Nova

Gooood morning! Usually I'm an early bird and up at the crack of dawn but I took some cough syrup last night and man, that shiz knocked me the eff out! I went to the doctor last night and they said I should be all better in about 5 days as long as I use my cough syrup every night and use a Neti Pot before I go the bed and when I wake up. Now, I've heard of the Neti Pot before and seen it on Dr.Oz but last night was my first experience using it and boy did I feel violated haha! Anyone else ever tried using one? It sorta feels like your drowning yourself in salt water. Anyways, being sick I felt like I deserved an over the top blingy mani to help me feel a bit better. This is China Glaze Nova (2 coats) over Orly Shine (2 coats). I love this combo so much, it has the holiday season written all over it! (Make sure you click to view the pics full size.. small pics do this polish no justice)  I'm not a huge fan of holo polishes but I really, really love holo glitters and this is one of my all time favorite manis, especially during the holiday season! I'm curious though, what other polishes have you guys tried Nova over?

It's a sunny day; smile :0)


  1. LOVE this one - especially for New Years or something like that...

    When you combine nail polishes, can you take pics of the first nail polish color before you take the final pics (w/ the 2nd color)? So curious to see how you select which two you will use and how different the color looks with just the first color...

  2. Oh my goodness, look at all the glitter!!! GORGEOUSSSSSSS :)