Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OPI Senorita Rosalita

Hellooo all, today I am a bit loopy and I've had a crazy past 24 hours. Last night I was taking an online final and 15 question in (75 questions total) I accidentally X'ed out of the browser my final was up in.. only to go back and realize that my teacher specifically wrote "once you open the final, finish it, you will not be able to open it again". WTF, RIGHT?! So I email my teacher about my issue pleading for my case to be an acception. Luckily I hear back from her at 10:00pm. I finished the final by 11:30 and was so tired and out of it that I slept through my 5:00am alarm this morning and got to my final over a half an hour late. Have I bored you to death yet? Is you heart still beating?... *cricket* *cricket*.. OKAY, COOL!! Glad you still have a pulse, here's OPI Senorita Rosalita. Looks a lot like ChG Strawberry Field but it's more of a darker rose color and looks a bit more adult like to me. Rosey pink, gold shimmer.. pretty but a bit boring. I'm biast though cause I'm not much into pink. Oh and the best part about this polish?? One coat!! Yes, one. How amazing is that?! Anyways.. I feel a bit nauseous (TMI?) but I'm done jibjaberring now.

Hope you have a lovely day!


  1. Yep, my heart is still beating lol. Sorry you had a hard time with exams

  2. @Halifax
    That's ok, I'm just glad its over.. well almost over. I have one exam left tomorrow morning buy by 10:00 I'll be a free woman til Jan 3rd!