Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Guest Blogger: My Best Friend Kim

Hey all! Today my BFF (or as well call each other, PFL [pal for life]) Kim is sharing a Christmas mani with you! Here's Kim:

HALLLLOOOOOO here is my pre christmas mani...
This was awhile ago, Dori did her oh so cute snow man (which she does every year) and I as a newbie/busy mom decided to use my free time being creative and painting penguins on my nails (cuz they looked a lot easier than snowmen teehee)
This is where I got the idea. I actually saw this last year so this year I HAD to do it. I used a bunch of LA Colors Art Deco nail art polishes and the heart I filled in with my Jelly Apple Essie red and the red glitter on top is the art deco. 
They look hard but were actually very easy. Painting with my left hand however my penguins came out kinda funny. I called them my emo punk rock penguin band lol. These are super cute and easy to do so everyone should try them!!! I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and stay warm! :)

-Kimbo Slice


  1. theyre so cute! maybe the penguins would have been a bit easier if you used a regular black polish with a normal brush and just did one swipe down the middle?!

  2. @cathrynShe said it was actually pretty easy. I did it with a normal brush and mine turned out horrendous lol!

  3. ohh interesting! lol i have a hard time controlling nail art brushes sometimes especially when theyre really long and floppy. these are adorable though i love how their arms are all different!

  4. @cathrynSame here, I can't control nail art brushes very easily either which is why I prefer regular polish and a dotting tool. This brand's brushes are pretty long and flimsy too, I own a few and almost never use them.

  5. omg loving the penguins! so cute!