Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Nails

Can you believe there's only a week left until Christmas?! By this time next next week I will be sitting under my tree with my family opening gifts. Or possibly we'll still be eating our prefect Christmas breakfast (now that we're all adults my mom insists that Christmas morning breakfast come before presents, not after) consisting of the most amazing glazed upside down sticky buns (I'll make sure to share pictures!!) and Lil' Smokies. Yum, yum, yum!! But with only one week left until Christmas, I'm scrambling to crank out as many Christmas manis as possible. Christmas only comes once a year, and since I'm a huge fan of the season, I want to go all out in every way possible.. including nails! Here's my Christmas nails for today, I was going to wait to show them tomorrow but I'm too excited about them to resist! I got off work late last night and stayed up til 1:00 doing these. I think my lack of sleep was worth it :0)
Left hand: Santa's Hat, Gingerbread Man, Christmas Tree, Candy Cane
Right Hand: Ice Skate, Christmas Present, Rudolph, Snowman
And for my thumbs I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do, so I just put China Glaze Party Hearty on top!
I actually really like how Party Hearty looks over Color Club Magic Attraction (the base color I used here), I think I'm gonna have to do a full mani like this.. it's so sparkly and festive and I love how every color glitter in Party Hearty shows up over Magic Attraction. What other colors do you all like Party Hearty over? Anyone else do any fun Christmas nail art?

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. So cute!
    And I love Lil' Smokies! Hehe.

  2. @KatieHaha meee too! We always have Li' Smokeies Christmas morning! :D

  3. did you free hand the designs? it looks soo good!

  4. @April KYes I did! I've never been too good at nail art but I've been doing it quite a bit in the past 2 weeks for Christmas so I've gotten a lot better I think :) I just used a dotting tool.

  5. Cute! I just love the little reindeer! Lately, I've been putting Party Hearty over absolutely everything! Kinda weird, but my fave combo has been For Audrey. It came out really pretty over the light blue. The worst was with Classic Camel. It looked like Christmas threw up all over my nails!

  6. @Bad Luck BabyHaha!! I might have to try PH over a light blue then. I kinda feel like I have to wear it ever day between now and Christmas since there's not very many days left!