Sunday, December 19, 2010

Philosophy Gingerbread 3-in-1

I knew this collection was too good to be true! Philosophy Gingerbread 3-in-1 is the dud of the collection! I think you all can tell by now I love everything about the holidays. I am a huge fan of anything that tastes or smells like gingerbread. In fact, I am eating gingerbread flavored yogurt right now as I write this review (limited edition for the holidays, Lucerne brand bought at Vons, in case you're interested ;] ). I was expecting a delicious, sweet, yet spicy gingerbread smell in my shower when I used this and unfortunately, I was greatly disappointed in more ways that one. First off I don't even know how to comment on the smell of this product because I'm not even sure there is one. No sweet, no spice, not anything nice. I kid you not, I took the whole top off and shoved my nose in the bottle and still couldn't smell anything. Now for the lather, neither of the other two 3-in-1's in this collection were very good at lathering and foaming up as a shampoo so I wasn't expecting much for this one either. However, Gingerbread 3-in-1 didn't later at all as a shampoo, and barely at all for a body wash. As a shampoo it was almost as if I had think honey in my hair (what the hell??) and when I used it as a body wash, I found myself having to open the bottle up a second time to use more product. I didn't quite use twice as much product for this 3-in-1 as I did the other two but I came pretty close. I hate to even review this cause I feel like I sound like such a Negative Ned but, what's a girl to do? Anyways, I love the Cinnamon Buns and Pumpkin Spice Muffin 3-in-1's so at least this collection wasn't a total loss. For now I'll enjoy my gingerbread in a yogurt cup rather than in my shower. :0)

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Did you finish all your holiday shopping or are you gonna be out Christmas Eve night as all the shops are closing up? lol


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