Monday, December 6, 2010

Dior Nude Chic

Forgive me for being so boring today. I'm still recovering from a sore throat and lost voice, not to mention I have finals this week. To go along with my boring mood, a nude seemed completely apropos and Dior Nude Chic fits the bill perfectly. I'd call Nude Chic my BABB (Band-Aid But Better).. it's nude, but it's a bit too dark and brown to be my perfect nude (I don't know my MAC skin tone so don't bother asking lol). Dior Chic is a fairly light gorgeous brown-toned nude but it has a bit of pink in it too. To the naked eye, this polish looks like a creme but if you look really closely in pictures (not mine.. but I've seen it in other people's pictures) you can see the tiniest of silver shimmer. I've been wearing this for almost 24 hours and I haven't seen the shimmer at all but last time I wore it I swear I remember seeing that it was there. Overall, I really like this polish, I think it's a really great nude and has great wear but honestly, for the price tag ($21 USD) you can find a nude that's just a great if not better.

It's a beautiful day :0)


  1. DAMN your nails are gorgeous! i wish mine were half as pretty as yours :)

  2. @kelliegonzo

    Kellie, you're ridiculous!! I love your nails, love your swatches, and am secretly obsessed with your blog! I lurk you every day!