Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

Happy Sunday! Today I have on Sally Hansen Hidden treasure over OPI Alpine Snow. Hidden Treasure came out in the Spring of this year and is a clear base jam-packed with flakie goodness!! Over white, Hidden Treasure looks much more of a light iridescent blue in the sun and a warm gold with a touch of red in the shade where as when it is worn over black HT takes on much more or a bright red look.
Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday. Last night I lost my voice, I've still got a sore throat, a cough, and clogged ears from Friday. I have finals for school tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday which I haven't studied at all for so I guess I better hop to it. Wish my luck!



  1. gorgeous combo. i love HT over darks but applied over a light color it looks angelic!

  2. @kelliegonzo
    I know!! It doesn't even look like the same polish when it's applied over a light color vs over black!! try on over naked nails, it's wayyy pretty.. totally reminds me of of an abalone shell!

  3. There just keeps being more and more things to love about Hidden Treasure!

  4. @Kimberly
    What else have you tried HT over? It rocks over OPI Merry Midnight.. I think that's the HT mani I've gotten the most compliments on.