Saturday, December 4, 2010

H&M Bella's Choice

On this cold, cloudy, and soon to be rainy Saturday morning I have for you H&M Bella's Choice. Considering the Eclipse DVD/Blu-Ray comes out today, I felt this polish was totally apropos. Bella's Choice in my opinion, is he perfect turquoise blue. It's got a bit more green to it than China Glaze for Audrey and isn't as bright as Essie Turquoise and Caicos. The formula was a bit goopy and streaky but it's totally worth the hassle for the color. This polish is pretty hard to find.. I saw it quite a bit at the bigger H&M stores during the summer but haven't seen it at all since then. It's also a bit pricey (I think $4.95 or $5.95 USD) for 0.3 oz. Despite the application troubles and the price, if you find this baby in a store consider yourself lucky and get it while you still can!

Happy Saturday


  1. this color is very flattering on you :)

    BTW Lovelovelovelovelove the title of the blog. the most clever nail blog title yet!

  2. @GerryBerry

    thanks! i spent about 15 mins trying to come up with a name and then when i finally gave up trying to be cleaver, it came to me. i think it's very my sense of humor :) glad you like it

  3. love this :) Bella's Choice + Hidden Treasure = mermaid awesomeness!