Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nfu Oh 52

Quick post right before I take my last final! Nfu Oh 52 is a deep purple jelly with light blue flakies. 3 coats. Very pretty. Sorry for the quick post, my final starts in exactly 21 minutes so I'm off.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I love Nfu-Oh when are are on their own :):)

  2. These flakies are so pretty! Good luck with your final :)

  3. @Jackie S.
    Me too! It was this polish that sparked my love and obsession for nail polish int he first place :)

  4. @Lois
    Thank you! I hope I did okay on it! Clearly making a post was more important than last minute studying haha

  5. This is such a beautiful color :) BTW, I'm a new follower, you have an amazing blog :)

  6. @Kelly
    Thanks so much. Everyone is basically a new follower since I only started my blog 2 weeks ago yesterday but I'm so excited that more people are finding it and following me.. I thought for sure I'd have about 2 followers for forever. I'm glad you enjoy the blog and I'm always thrilled to see I have new followers so thanks for being my newest!!! :D