Wednesday, December 22, 2010

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

It's pouring here in So Cal and I can't sleep at all cause the rain is so loud. I got about 2 terrible hours of sleep and just can't fall back asleep. What better to do when the noisy rain keeps you up all night long?! Blog about nail polish, of course! China Glaze Ruby Pumps. Two coats of gorgeous Christmas red glitter. In real life, this polish is a much darker red but my camera hates reds and refuses to photograph them correctly. I love how the glitter in this polish looks lit from within and like its burning hot coals underneath the surface. As far as red glitters go, this is the original and possibly still the best there is out there. A must own if you're a polish lover and perfect for Christmas! :0)


  1. Beautiful. This color is absolutely stunning on you. I love Ruby Pumps!