Thursday, December 23, 2010

China Glaze Party Hearty

Wanting to wear Party Heaty for Christmas but don't know what to layer it over? I have just a few ideas for you! I didn't end up wearing Party Hearty as much as I had hoped to.. I wanted to try it once alone and once over white, gold, and silver but none of those happened. I do however have some other combo ideas you might like..
Over my White Christmas mani (Orly Gumdrop)
Over Color Club Magic Attraction
Over BI Pretty In Pink
Over Essie Mint Candy Apple
Over Red Holo No Name Snowman
I think my favorite combo was over Color Club Magic Attraction. Hope this gives you a few ideas :)



  1. Okay, so, normally I've not liked Party Hearty, but these combos are really nice! I especially love the pink and the blue.

  2. @KendalI was surprised how well I liked it over the blue too. I like it a lot over the light pink though cause it really reminds me of Christmas candy :)

  3. Party Hearty over mint candy apple is really pretty!

  4. @April KI really liked it too, I've seen PH over a few different mints and I really like it over all of them :)

  5. First and second are great. I would choose first for Chrismas Eve, second for New Year :)

  6. @AniaI actually would have never considered PH for NYE but I think would actually be a pretty cute idea!