Saturday, January 15, 2011

Summertime Look

Good morning! So today I'm going to do another summer look but this time I'm going to show you an all over look including eyes, cheeks, and lips.
For my eyes I used Bare Escentuals Kiko on the inner eye and Bare Escentuals Fantasy on the outter eye and crease. Kiko is a shimmery gold yellow. It looks even more yellow in real life in the pot but on the eye it really shows up a very pretty golden color. Fantasy is a gorgeous shimmery copper color that has golden and rose undertones. Both of these colors were purchased at the BE outlet store, Fantasy as an individual full size and Kiko as a mini in a four-piece eye shadow set. I'm not sure how easily these can be found since they're not sold in normal BE boutiques but you might be able to find them online or at an outlet if you're lucky enough to live close to one.
For my cheeks I used BE Warmth (far left), then A Little Sun (far right), and lastly Sun-Kissed (middle). Warmth is a warm reddish brown and adds a bit of natural bronzed color to my cheeks without looking too makeup-y or over the top. Warmth is also the default BE cheek color and comes in every starter kit and is easily found anywhere that sells BE products. A Little Sun is a sparkly orangey bronze color. I got a sample of this (shown here) at my local BE boutique because I wanted to try some new cheek colors for the summer looks. I've had this sample for six months, use it all the time, and there's barely a dig in my usage. This stuff last forever! It's a gorgeous bronze that makes you look like you've been outside at the beach all day. The shimmer in this is very obvious in the pot but only shows as a very slight glow/shimmer on the cheeks which I like a lot. A Little Sun can be found at any BE boutique or Sephora store. Sun-Kissed is a peachy coral color with a hint of silvery shimmer. This color reminds me of the color of Patrick in Sponge Bob Square Pants. Like A Little Sun, the shimmer shows up in the pot but not so much on the cheek. Sun-Kissed is pretty pigmented and shows up peachy coral on the cheeks and gives a fresh faced glow look. Love it! I got Sun-Kissed in a give away at my local BE boutique during one of their sales, I looked on their site and was not able to find it listed so I'm not sure if you're able to purchase this or not at regular BE boutiques. If you are able to find this though, grab it! it's so, so, so gorgeous and it's perfect for a summer glow. Love it!
Now for the lips, I got the new Buxom Babes Rock Stars lip gloss kit from my amazing brother for Christmas and the first of the glosses I decided to give a try is Tonya.
OH. EM. GEE. Are you seeing this!?!? Look at how pink that is! If OPI Pink Me I'm Good turned into a lip gloss, this would be it! Tonya is a heart stopingly gorgeous warm, watermelon pink lip gloss packed with tons of warm gold and pink shimmer. I can't even tell you guys how much I love this gloss. This was sold in normal BE boutiques during the holiday season and I think it still might be available at boutiques, on clearance if you're lucky!
Now for the all over look?!
Yup, looks like summer to me! Good thing too since it's 74 outside :0)

Now to go soak up some Viatamin D!


  1. I'm so jealous of your eyebrows. Mine look like baby lemurs died on my face.

    This post is making me wish I knew how to do makeup. You look great!

  2. @PennyThanks!! I have to admit though, I have an obsession with eyebrows. I've been obsessed with them for 8 years now and I tweeze every day. Yes, every day. I swear I will get the tiniest microscopic hair and I can't stand it if I have random hairs or incoming hairs. It just urkes me to the core so I have to do my eyebrows everyday. It's one of my strongest obsessions lol

  3. @kelliegonzoShut up Kellie haha. YOU'RE gorgeous!!