Saturday, January 8, 2011

Summer Roots

Mornin' ya'll! Aren't Saturdays the best?! I wish it were Saturday everyday. I haven't done a makeup look in a while and today I'm sharing a few Bare Escentuals eye shadows and a lip gloss.
I used BE Summer for the inner eye and BE Root for the outter eye. Summer is a golden sand color with gold shimmer. Root is a dark mud brown with the same golden shimmer as Summer. Both these eye shadows work best when patted on rather then brushed on or rubbed in.. when it's rubbed in the gorgeous gold shimmer glitter almost completely disappears. Since you sorta have to smudge in order to blend, I went back after I finished blending and patted on some extra eye shadow so that the golden shimmer glitter would be much more obvious.
Zena is a light pink lip gloss with very subtle and small light pink shimmer. It's pretty and pretty neutral on my skin tone, however, it's not very unique compared to other (especially other BE) lip glosses. My mom gave this lip gloss to me for Christmas. She got it in a kit from the BE outlet so I'm not too sure how hard or easy it is to find. The eye shadows however are sold at all BE boutiques.
Also used were Maybelline Falsies mascara in Black, Revlon Color Stay eyeliner in Black, BE eyebrow powder in Dark Blond/Medium Brown.



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