Friday, January 14, 2011

Is It Summer Yet?

Oh em gee, today was a gorgeous day. It was actually hot outside.. 82!! Yes, you read the right! 82!!! In January!! So in the summer I don;t like to wear heavy makeup cause it's hot and humid and then I get sweaty and I hate feeling cakey or like my makeup looks heavy and gross and so today I did a light summery look similar to what I wear most days in the summer. Golden toned eyeshadow applied with a fluffy brush if my favorite look to wear in the summer. This is Bare Escentuals Captivate on the inner eye and Bare Escentuals Camel on the outter eye. Both colors are gorgeous, sparkly golden caramel colors but Captivate is a bit lighter and more gold than Captivate. The mascara I'm wearing is the new Flawless Definition Volumizing mascara by BE. I only used one coat of mascara because I was going for a lighter more natural look but usually I do two coats of mascara. This mascara doesn't look very volumizing to me. Maybe it would look more volumized and dramatic with two coats. It's more natural looking then I normally like (I prefer dark, thick, long, dramatic eyelashes like I get with Maybelline The Falsies the best) but I do like it for this look. Overall, LOVE the eye shadows and I like the mascara okay.


  1. love this in Slovenia is hot too, like it would be spring..and i don't like that, because is not good for nature and our health.

  2. @Anna.It feels like May here but I'm really enjoying it because we had a record low cold summer this past year so it feels like we never got a Summer last year. It's nice to finally have some warm weather.

  3. it was the same summer:( all the time just rain. and i love hot weather..and i just can't wait summer<3 hope this year will be better and hotter;)