Friday, January 7, 2011

Scotch Tape Design

Gooooood morning! Happy Friday to you all! Boy, am I glad that I don't have classes on Friday this quarter. I hate Friday classes and I love me a 3 day weekend on the regular. Today i decided to try something different and very new to me. On the Nail Board there's a lovely MUAer named Ericka who does these absolutely amazing mani designs using scotch tape. She made a scotch tape funky french tutorial a while back that I tried to copy and my lines came out all out of whack. Well a couple days ago she posted a really cool design and tutorial with scotch tape on the board and on her blog and I thought it was so amazing, I just had to give it a shot! On the blue nails I used Zoya Kotori topped with Color Club Sexy Siren. The design nails are Wet N Wild Black Creme topped with Color Club Sexy Siren. Pretty cool, huh!? I think this time I had better success with scotch tape because I used a thicker non-shiny type of scotch tape which adhered better to my nails making crisper, cleaner lines. I quite like this a lot so I think I'm going to have to experiment more with scotch tape nail art designs.

It's Friday; smile!


  1. That looks really nice! As soon as I saw it on Chloe/Erika's blog I wanted to try it and now even more :)

  2. @AmyGraceYou should give it a try! Its pretty time consuming in my opinion but if you have the time, the outcome it totally worth it!