Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OPI Crim-Sun

Happy Tuesday! Did you all enjoy your extra long weekend?! I sure did! This quarter I don't have Friday classes so my three day weekend was turned into a four day weekend since we got off Monday for MLK Day. I definitely enjoyed and needed a long weekend since I'm about to get swamped with school. On Sunday I headed over to a part of town I'd never been to and found a beauty supply store that ended up being a dusty leading to my first real dusty score!! On a neglected rack shoved in a small isle and behind a shelf I found some OPI bottles covered in dust and begging to come home with me. I found OPI Crim-Sun, Coral Reef, What's Dune?, and A Day At The Peach, all from the Summer For Shore Summer 2003 collection. I talked the lady into selling these to me for the low price of $1.99 each. Can you say, SCORE!!? I'm pretty stoaked on these since they're all holo and HTF (hard to find) polishes. Usually I don't go out dusty hunting but it's nice to find a surprise and score. Crim-Sun was the first polish of the four that I decided to try. Crim-Sun is a pinky coral small particle linear holo. This polish, although not over-the-top obviously holo, is a holo polish as opposed to being a polish with holo glitter in it. It's got small tiny linear holo particles in it and is more subtle than more linear holos like the one ins the China Glaze OMG collection. Although it's not outrageously holo, I still like it a lot. I like the color a lot too.. it reminds me of Hawaii and it seems like it would be the perfect pedi color to wear all summer long. Love, love love, and love even more because of the price! Oh, and make sure you click to enlarge the pics to full size to enjoy the holo in all it's glory :0)

Have you had any great dusty scores recently?


  1. Very pretty and such a great deal :) I have a Sally Hansen Nail Prism polish that is almost identical to this one, it's called golden Tourmaline.

  2. @DanielleIt was a great deal, I was so excited when I found it! I got two Sally Hansen Prisims lately when they were at Dollar Tree a few months back.. I got Golden Cinnabar, wonder if it's close to Golden Tourmaline. GC is a duechrome though, not a holo.