Tuesday, November 30, 2010

China Glaze Peace on Earth

Good Morning! It's a beautiful day here in So Cal, cold, but beautiful. Right now I've got my heater, Christmas lights, and Christmas music on so of course I needed to put on Christmas polish too. This is China Glaze Peace on Earth from this year's Naughty & Nice Holiday collection. Peace on Earth is a nice olive green with gold frost and shimmer in it. If you look closely in the last picture, you can see a but of muli-color shimmer too! This polish almost could have been a one coater but because of the frostiness of the polish, I used two coats just to even out the brush strokes a bit. Application wise, this polish was a bit runny so I found myself cleaning up the huge polish drips that were coming off the wand during the middle of painting each nail. No big deal as long as you catch the polish drip in time. Overall, I'm a big fan of this polish cause the color is so unlike most greens released during the holiday season, yet it works!

Have a lovely day :o)


  1. Have you had any problems with this polish being chippy? I tried it for my Thanksgiving mani, I applied it the night before and my the next morning I already had a chip. I was constantly fixing chips for about two or three days and then it started peeling off, so I changed polish. I've never had this problem with any other polish, so I'm hoping that maybe I just got a bad batch, cuz I really love the color--if it would just stay on my nails, lol.

  2. @~Sherie~

    I didn't have any problems with chipping (I did w/Mrs. Claus though!!)but I had major tipwear within hours. Maybe it's cause I took a shower after I painted my nails and thats what made the tipwear occur but still.. I've never seen tipwear within the hour of painting my nails before so I was kinda shocked. What base and top coat were you using with PoE? That could have been the problem

  3. Your photos are lovely but they randomly won't show on your blog for me!! Grr! Darn it Google! Never mind I still added you to my blog roll :)

  4. @Lina-Elvira

    Thanks!! I wonder why they're not showing up for you.. I'm gonna look into it and see if theres anything I can change to make the photos upload differently. I'm sorry about that!